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Antwerp Diamonds

Antwerp Diamonds

At Time for Diamonds, our shop is a member of the Nationwide Jewellers buying and marketing group. This is the largest group of its kind in Australasia, representing over 500 independent family owned jewellery shops just like ours and gives us many opportunities that we would not enjoy without their assistance.

One of those opportunities is for Nicola to be able to travel to Antwerp in Belgium to buy diamonds. Why Antwerp? Well Antwerp is the Diamond capital of the world. Over 80% of the uncut or rough diamonds and 60% of polished diamonds are first traded in the Antwerp Diamond District.

We go to Antwerp for several reasons. Firstly, there are more diamonds there to choose from than anywhere else and secondly, we are able to deal directly with the sight holders, the diamond companies that buy the rough from the Diamond trading center every month so we are cutting out the middle man both here and overseas. Thirdly and most importantly, we can select the best quality diamonds from huge parcels.

When we buy locally, we may be able to choose say a 1/2 carat diamond from a parcel of 3-4 stones. In Antwerp a parcel could have over 100 stones and there would be quite a few parcels in the colour and clarity we are looking for.

The four most popular factors used to measure diamond quality are known as the Four C's. Colour, Carat, Clarity of the four C's nature dictates the characteristics of a diamonds colour, clarity and carat weight, but the brilliance, scintillation, dispersion and fire are all maximized through it's cut which is the fourth C.

When a stone is examined through a 10 powered loupe, there are two squares that form a star shape on the table or top of the diamonds, these need to be perfectly uniform for a diamond to reach it's potential.

When we purchase in Antwerp on behalf of our customers, the can be assured not only of value, but that they are getting the best cut, most beautiful diamonds available on the world market.

Call in or make an appointment with Nicola to discuss getting your Antwerp Diamond Today.

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I had decided to give myself a special present upon my retirement, but every ring I looked at was of similar design to my engagement ring.

It wasn't until after a chat with Nicola, and her suggestion to update my ring, that I had remembered that my Mum had done the same, and Nicola was off to Antwerp shortly, so it seemed a perfect solution. My old ring had a setting which made my diamonds look lost, so Nicola and I came up with a design, and now my new diamonds shine.

I am thrilled with the design, and would like to thank Nicola and her staff for their help and ideas.

- K Harcourt

I have been thinking of having a ring made for a long time. I wanted a classic piece that I could pass on to my children and would last for many years to come without dating.

Nicola and I discussed extensively what I was wanting and I found Nicola was very open to any suggestions and listened to what I wanted, her knowledge of the process and stones definitely put me at ease.

I would certainly recommend Nicola and her team. The quality and the workmanship exceeded the expectations that I had.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nicola and her team for their amazing service and advice.

- Robyn Wall

I read an article in the Ashburton Guardian last year after one of Time for Diamonds customers had her ring updated with a new Diamond from Antwerp.

My engagement ring is 38 years old and I still love the style of it. It’s special that it is the ring we choose when we got engaged in 1979, however was starting to look tired

I went to see Nicola late last year and she assured me a new Diamond would give it a new lease of life, she arranged for a quote to be completed to give me an indication of the cost.

All the time frames Nicola gave me were spot on and my updated ring arrived a week before my daughters wedding in Sydney. On Nicolas advise I have had my ring valued and am very happy with the value now.

The result is incredible, my ring is beautiful and I’m very proud to be wearing it again, I’m so happy I made the decision to go ahead with the upgrade.

Thanks Nicola and your friendly team.

- Carlson

I had been thinking of proposing for a while and had spoken to Nicola at Time for Diamonds for ideas. I knew roughly what my partner liked, but when Nicola was in Antwerp she found a pear shape diamond and contacted me which spurred me on to go for it. Nicola had the Diamond made into the perfect engagement ring and my partner still receives comments about her ring which she loves!

- Shaun Hurley

My partner Daniel is very much into the hunting and gathering style of life, so when he felt it was time to propose to me he definitely wanted something a bit more diverse.

That’s why he went to see Nicola at Time For Diamonds, the fact she is a qualified diamond buyer gave him the confidence to let her hand select a diamond from Antwerp.

He decided on a princess cut diamond as he thought it showed off the diamond the best and he wanted something a bit different to what most others had. When the diamond arrived, he proposed to me beside Lake Heron after a fishing expedition, I was so surprised and excited that we could both choose a perfect setting for it together. Daniel then sourced the gold through a friend after I told him I could not wait for his original plan of panning for it himself. Nicola helped us with finding the perfect setting for the beautiful diamond and had the ring hand made for us using our gold.

Daniel liked the fact that he was able to be part of the whole process from start to finish.

Thank you very much to Nicola, for making the process easy and helping us get a ring that is very special to us both.

- Virginia Allen

My wife's birthday was on the horizon again and usually I get my act together a couple of days earlier (when the panic starts to set in). But when Nicola from Time for Diamonds sent me a letter to say she was going to Antwerp in Belgium to source diamonds a couple of months earlier, I thought that would be something a bit different. Nicola sourced the perfect diamonds within my budget and had them made into a stunning pair of diamond earrings, my wife Robyn was blown away.

Highly recommend.

- Paul McCormick

When Nicola phoned me regarding an opportunity to secure a diamond as a special gift for Rose during her upcoming trip to Antwerp, I jumped at the chance. After all she had just rescued me from trying to figure out what I was going to get her for Christmas! Nicola made the whole process, from selecting the diamond to having it set in a ring especially for Rose, an absolute breeze.

The most special part is knowing that the diamond was hand selected especially for us by someone we knew locally and trusted.

Thank you Nicola, we really appreciated your time and expertise.

- Greg & Rose Trudgeon

I just want to say Thank You for making my dream come true! I have always wanted a champagne diamond...I just love the colour but always thought it would remain just that...a dream. You made the whole process so easy and gave me confidence that I was going to get exactly what I wanted at a price I could afford. I was so excited when you showed me my diamond...one you handpicked just for me...who would have thought that I could have had that? Since then, you have helped me design the ring I have always wanted and I just love wearing it...I get fabulous comments all the time.

Thankyou again Nicola, I really hope others get to experience having a diamond purchased this way, you made the whole experience so special

- Christina Petherick

As you know, I had my wedding ring originally designed to hold diamonds in the future, but hadn't gotten around to it plus my engagement ring was in such desperate need of repair it would have paled in comparison! Perfect timing with your trip to Antwerp -thanks so much for picking the perfect diamonds for my wedding ring...and now that my engagement ring is back to new as well, I can wear them again with pride!

- Sonia Bishop

Two years ago I approached Nicola to see about renewing the diamond in my engagement ring. It was 40 years old and all the "illusion" around the stone had worn down. It took me another 12 months to convince my husband that replacing the stone was a good idea however last year he came around. I took my ring back in to Time for Diamonds and am absolutely delighted with the diamond Nicola chose for me in Antwerp. My engagement ring looks brand new again and sparkles just as diamonds should. Can't fault Nicola's eye to find a perfect match or the service she gives. Thank you Nicola.

- Janet Hadley

With my engagement ring in need of some much love and attention, we decided to put the money into a new ring. After deciding on a design, Nicola was able to handpick the diamonds from Antwerp for us. We are really happy with the ring. Thank you Nicola for your help and expertise.

- Catherine Leadley


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